Arkansas Mother Throws Spot-On 'CVS-Themed' Birthday Party for Daughter

Iris Gill, 4, has an obsession with the local pharmacy store, her mom said.

Sarah Fortune Gill of Fayetteville, Arkansas, hosted the CVS-themed birthday party last week for her daughter Iris, who was celebrating her fourth birthday.

According to Gill, Iris has been infatuated with their local CVS ever since it started construction about two years ago. After it's opening in 2014, Gill said that she took Iris to the store at least once a week for the 4-year-old to pick out a treat for herself from the many aisles of snacks.

"I’m well aware that it’s a little odd," Gill told ABC News of her daughter's obsession with the pharmacy store.

Gill revealed that she began planning the CVS-themed party after asking her daughter what type of theme she wanted for her upcoming birthday.

"She said 'I want a CVS cake,' and that’s all I had to work with at first," Gill said. "From there I just ran with the idea."

Gill said that after speaking to her local CVS manager about the party, CVS provided free water bottles for the guests, and also left Iris a "Happy Birthday" message on the sign at the front of the store.

Gill hosted the party at a local park, where Iris and her friends enjoyed a homemade CVS checkout stand, CVS goodie bags filled with treats, and of course, a custom CVS cake, just for Iris.

There was also an "adults only" table for the parents, which featured an original CVS-themed adult beverage and prescription pill bottles filled with mints to go along with the pharmacy theme.

Gill said that the birthday party was a success, and is surprised at how much interest people have taken in the party.