Baby Won't Go Anywhere Without His Trusty Spatula

Little Lucas Gullo hasn't put his spatula down in 7 entire days.

— -- Whether it’s bedtime, bath time or beyond, this baby is taking his beloved spatula along.

Little 11-month-old Lucas Gullo is more obsessed with this blue, plaid cooking spatula than most people are with just about anything in their lives, and his parents have the photos to prove it.

Joe and Jennifer Gullo, of Elk Grove, California, say it all started with a harmless trip to the store last week, and now their son won’t leave the spatula’s side.

“We went to Cost Plus World Market and saw tiny little spatulas and dangled them in front of him,” Joe Gullo wrote to ABC News. “He immediately grabbed them and put them in his mouth, so we had to buy them.”

Thankfully, the spatulas came in a 2-pack so the parents can stealthily “swap them out and clean the dirty one without him noticing,” Joe quipped on this hilarious Reddit post explaining how his son hasn’t put the kitchen utensil down for more than a few seconds in days.

Even while baby Lucas is mesmerized watching laundry dry, he MUST. HAVE. HIS. SPATULA.

“He's hardly put them down willingly since!,” said Joe. “He sleeps with them, he carries them around, he pokes stuff with's funny, we think he's right handed and that's how he holds the spatula, so he's had to learn to do things with his left hand as the right is busy.”

From napping with the spatula in his car seat to eating dinner with the spatula in his high chair and watching TV...with the spatula.

Even while being grumpy, he’s got his spatula.

Here a spatula...

There a spatula...

Everywhere a spatula.

You’d think the Gullos definitely have a future chef on their hands, but “The funny thing is,” Joe explained, “he is a total fussy eater. If he is a chef, he won't eat any of it.”

But, he added, “His mother does watch a LOT of cooking shows.”