Beaded Leggings Claim to Crush Away Bumpy Cellulite Appearance

More than 1,200 wooden beads are woven into the fabric.

— -- For those committed to the ongoing battle against cellulite, a new weapon has presented itself across the pond.

A British company has designed a pair of leggings featuring 1,200 wooden beads woven into the fabric that claims to diminish the dimpled appearance of subcutaneous fat through simulated massage.

"There are many anti-cellulite products out there (creams, lotions…) but the best known way to remove cellulite is massage. ... Our leggings are filled with 1200-1600 wooden beads that massage you while you wear them," states the Cellulite Crusher website. "You get double the effect if you wear them during a workout. As your muscles contract they push against the beads making them put even more pressure on your skin."

The company recommends wearing the leggings--which retail for $68.66 per pair and resemble the type of futuristic armor one might see in a "Hunger Games" film--for between 30 and 60 minutes a day at a minimum.

This product comes on the heels of another recent anti-aging legging that purported to decrease dimpling through the 24-karat gold woven into the fabric. Neither company cites any research to support their claims and medical experts maintain that there is little evidence to back up such boasts. Cellulite Crusher did not respond to ABC News' request for comment.