Wackiest Beauty Treatments of 2014

PHOTO: A new leggings product called "Cellulite Crusher" Cellulite Crusher
A new leggings product called "Cellulite Crusher" claims to diminish cellulite through the use of wooden beads woven in the fabric.

intro: Wow. Just wow.

That was probably your reaction to many of our extreme beauty treatments in 2014. From vacation breasts to Eartox, beaded leggings and charcoal facials, if this year proved anything it's that people will go to great lengths to get gorgeous.

Read through for some of the year's most outrageous beauty stories.

quicklist: 1 url: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/vacation-breasts-big-thing-plastic-surgery/story?id=26832018 title: 'Vacation Breasts' May Be Next Big Thing in Plastic Surgery text: In what may have been the most jaw-dropping beauty story of 2014, the world was introduced to "vacation breasts." Under development by New York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, the temporary, no-surgery-required breast "implants" will probably last about two weeks. Or about as long as a beach vacation. Cost? Under $2,500. Getting to test-drive larger breasts without a serious commitment? Priceless. media: 26837988

quicklist: 2 url: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/boot-bulge-begone-fashionistas-plastic-surgery-procedure/story?id=25564700 title: Fashionistas Turn to Surgery to Rid 'Boot Bulge' text: For women whose larger calf size makes it impossible to zip up those tight-fitting boots, there's a plastic surgery procedure growing in popularity to fight that dreaded boot bulge. "It's definitely a thing," said Dr. Matthew Schulman, a board certified plastic surgeon on New York City's Upper East Side, "especially this time of year when some women aren't able to wear the boots they want." media: 25567484

quicklist: 3 url: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/charcoal-big-thing-beauty/story?id=25461637 title: Charcoal Next Big Thing in Beauty text: An ancient beauty secret is making a major comeback. It’s charcoal, and it has made its way from your backyard grill all the way to your face. Charcoal facials, charcoal lemonade and charcoal toothpaste were all the rage this year and some makeup artists use charcoal powder mixed with coconut oil or water to make liner and shadow for smoky eyes. media: 25457843

quicklist: 4 url: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/butt-facials-latest-beauty-bum/story?id=24468538 title: Butt Facials Latest in Beauty for the Bum text: The "shiny hiney," as it's called, is "just like a facial, but for your bum," according to the description on the site of the spa at which it's offered. Thirty minutes and $65 is all you need to get your rear in gear for your next trip to the beach. Offered at the Skin by Molly Spa in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the shiny hiney was born when a client with acne on her behind came to Molly and asked for her help. "I thought, if there's one person who wants this, there's probably others," said Molly Lamb. media: 24470882

quicklist: 5 url: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/years-off-ears-eartox/story?id=25128185 title: Take Years Off Your Ears With 'Eartox' text: Once you've erased forehead lines and crow's feet, maybe even had a face lift, there's still one dead giveaway sign of aging: Drooping ear lobes. And while it's commonly referred to as "eartox," or Botox for ears, it's actually fillers like Restylane and Juvederm that women are turning to to take years off their ears. media: 25132045

quicklist: 6 url: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/beaded-leggings-claim-crush-bumpy-cellulite-appearance/story?id=26811716 title: Beaded Leggings Claim to Crush Away Bumpy Cellulite Appearance text: Earlier this year, a British company designed a pair of leggings featuring 1,200 wooden beads woven into the fabric that claims to diminish the dimpled appearance of subcutaneous fat through simulated massage. "There are many anti-cellulite products out there (creams, lotions…) but the best known way to remove cellulite is massage. ... Our leggings are filled with 1200-1600 wooden beads that massage you while you wear them," states the Cellulite Crusher website. "You get double the effect if you wear them during a workout. As your muscles contract they push against the beads making them put even more pressure on your skin." media: 26811426