Best Thing Ever: Fuzzy Kitten Rolls Around in a Jar

When a cute kitten finds a jar, Internet magic happens.

— -- This kitten certainly has mastered the stop, drop and roll method -- inside a jar!

The fuzzy, white, little feline named Cottonball has a brilliant sense of her spatial awareness as she fits ever-so-perfectly into this glass jar, and she couldn’t be more adorable tumbling around in it.

Her owner, Kiah Reinhardt, says she likes to go in there to hide from her brother, the equally fuzzy brown kitten named Ford, and just roll around for a bit.

The clear jar doesn’t seem to be the best hiding place for Cottonball, but her new-found social media fans don’t care. Thousands of them upvoted little Cottonball to cat celebrity status on Reddit.

“She’s outgrown the jar, sadly, now -- but she loved it while she could fit in it,” said Reinhardt. “I'm thinking of buying a much larger one with no fear of her getting stuck in it while she grows up.”