Bouncing Baby Girls Are Utterly Delighted By Mom's Singing

The 8-month-old twins bounce along to the beat of a British show’s theme song.

— -- Some babies just have to dance!

These 8-month-old twins from London love their mom’s singing so much, they just can’t contain themselves from bouncing along to the beat.

In the video, their mom, Lola Adebayo, is humming the tune to the British show, “EastEnders,” which is the babies’ grandmother’s favorite show.

“They're used to watching the show when we would visit,” Adebayo told ABC News of her twins, Amel and Amira. “When they were about 6 months we noticed that whenever they heard the theme tune they would stop whatever it is they were doing (including crying) to sway along to the tune.”

Adebayo says the girls have now perfected their own dance styles—Amira is an expert clapper while Amel prefers some serious jazz hands.

“The girls are such a joy and it’s amazing to see that it spread to so many people,” she said. “I've had messages from people thanking me for sharing the video, congratulating me and some really touching messages from people going through tough times and saying the video has really made them happy.”

The adorable YouTube video has more than 1,100,000 views.