How 2 Kindergarten Students Formed an Unbreakable Bond

The two were having trouble making friends until they found each other.

— -- Parker Sullivan, 4, "never quite fit into a friend group," according to his mother, Megan Sullivan.

Parker is gifted, which his mother said is "incredible but can be difficult at times." One of those times was in prekindergarten, when Parker cried every morning because he didn't want to play with toys or the other kids. Even in his daycare, he only wanted to talk to the teachers.

"He has truly struggled to find his place," Sullivan told ABC News. "He didn’t have the same interests as his peers, but he was too immature to be friends with the older kids."

Halfway through the year, the decision was made to move Parker up to kindergarten. That's where he met Janelle.

"Her mother told me that she was having trouble making friends as well, but when the two met, they became inseparable," Sullivan said. "Parker’s friend [Janelle] teaches him how to be a kid, running around, being silly, and picking up worms, while he teaches her to read, write, and memorize the periodic table. Their friendship truly is beautiful and innocent. They wake up excited to see each other, play all day at school together, and then ask to play after school together every single day."

The photo of the two friends was taken by photographer Beanna Rendon of More Than Words Photography. Her son goes to school with Parker and Janelle. Touched by the bond she witnessed between the two children, she asked their moms if she could photograph the "sweet couple" at "this stage of their amazing friendship."

Rendon told ABC News, "The little boy is highly gifted, and was never interested in making friends his age, playing with toys, laughing at little things but that was all until her met her. He goes to school every day with a big smile on his face knowing she will be there and she lights up as soon as she sees him. As a mom and a photographer, I noticed their special bond and how truly sweet and magical it was."

The photo quickly caught the attention of mom blogs everywhere.

"I was joking with my dad about how funny it is that so many people are interested in these two and their little story," Sullivan said, "but he brought up a great point. I think these two provide a great reminder of how there is a friend out there for everyone. No matter how 'weird' you may be or what strengths and weaknesses you have, God puts people in your path who need your strengths and who are strong where you are weak," she said.