Brooklyn Restaurant Features Cocktails for 'Ladies' and 'Men'

The manager of a Mexican restaurant says his menu is not sexist.

June 5, 2014 — -- A restaurant in Brooklyn has caused a stir with its menu that splits cocktails into categories for "ladies," "men" and "everybody."

Los Pollitos III, which touts "authentic Mexican take-out and delivery" on its website and is not to be confused with fictional "Los Pollos Hermanos" in AMC's "Breaking Bad," is in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Its cocktail menu "for ladies" has "light alcohol" drinks that cost $9 -- including a "Melon Ball" beverage with vodka, Midori (Japanese melon liqueur) and pineapple, according to the menu.

The "everybody" category touts drinks that cost $9 to $10, including a "Pollitos Cosmo" with vodka, Triple Sec and Blueberry. The beverage list for "men" has "extra alcohol," according to the menu.

Los Pollitos III manager Marcos Merino told ABC News that his intent was to grab the attention of customers with a new menu that made clear which drinks had the strongest alcohol content.

Merino said his intent was not to be sexist, though one local has taken issue with the menu.

"I think it should be the other way around," Karin Torres, Corkscrew wine shop owner, which focuses on female winemakers, told "I am much more comfortable around drunk women than men."

Merino, who said he has 25 years in the restaurant business, came to Los Pollitos III last December to revamp the menu. He tested different menus, including one "for kids" that featured non-alcoholic drinks such as virgin Daiquiris for $7.

"It's a very common thing at the bar when people who like more alcohol complain that the drink is too weak," Merino told ABC News. "That was the idea: if you want a drink that doesn’t have alcohol, pay $7, but if you want extra, pay $10. People thought it was fun: get a drink for a man or a girly drink."

Merino works at the restaurant six days a week and said he has not heard any customers complain about the menu.

"The menu is for everybody. Anybody can order whatever. I’ve been doing this for 25 years. People want extra alcohol. I’ll give it to you but you pay more," he said.