Should You Buy Olive Garden's $100 'Never Ending Pasta Pass'?

Here's how much pasta you need to eat for Olive Garden's new deal to be worth it

— -- Olive Garden has introduced the “never ending pasta pass." If you don’t get what that means from its explicit name, let us give you all the details. For $100, 1,000 lucky fans can buy unlimited pasta and Coca-Cola soft drinks at their local OG from Sept. 22 through Nov. 9.

In order to make this lucrative offer worthwhile, pass holders should plan to eat at the restaurant at least 11 times in the seven weeks. The restaurant offers a similar one-time-only $9.99 never ending pasta bowl, so going 10 times would be the same price as just choosing that option. One more, though, and you’re totally gaming the system.

Americans understandably get extra excited when words like “never ending” and “unlimited” are applied to food, and excitement is ramping up on Twitter in advance of the 3 p.m. EST sale time later today.

[Side note: maybe these two should talk?]

While others aren't so jazzed about the idea:

Sadly, there’s no word yet from America’s favorite Olive Garden food critic Marilyn Hagerty.

If you want to get in on this deal, plan to be on Olive Garden’s site at 3pm EST sharp – there’s no doubt these things will go quickly. But here’s the real question: what’s the resale value on these passes? Because they’re bound to hit the black market no later than 3:01.