Canadian Postal Worker's Apology for Non-Delivery: 'Bear at the Door'

VIDEO: Bear Stops Postal
WATCH Bear Stops Postal Delivery

Postal workers typically take the blame, and the fury, when a package is not delivered on time, but no one is blaming one postal worker in Canada for failing to make the appointed rounds.

The Canada Post employee checked "Other" on the package slip to explain why the package was not delivered Monday and then left a note, writing, "Bear at the door."

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The package slip was left at the mailbox of Vancouver resident Matthew Fane, who tweeted a photo of it Wednesday.

Two days later, Fane also tweeted a photo of the bear that he says was taken by the postal worker.

Fane seemed to take the delayed package delivery in stride, humorously using the hashtags #bearmail and #MeanwhileinCanada with his tweets.

"A black bear is very common," Fane told ABC News today. "They don't really bug anyone, as long as you don't bug them."

"So, no, it wasn't a big deal to us in our area at all, just funny," he said.

Fane was able to pick up his package Tuesday night at a postal delivery station near his home.