Couple Traveling to Wedding in DIY Trailer Helped by Celebrities, Strangers After Car Breaks Down

The couple, Gus and Jessie, were driving to Seattle when their car broke down.

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August 12, 2016, 3:43 PM
PHOTO: Jessie Caballero and Gus Renaud, of Los Angeles, were helped by strangers and celebrities after their SUV broke down on their way to their wedding in Seattle.
Jessie Caballero and Gus Renaud, of Los Angeles, were helped by strangers and celebrities after their SUV broke down on their way to their wedding in Seattle.
Courtesy Jessie Caballero and Gus Renaud

— -- The internet and stars from Sophia Bush to Kate Walsh have rallied around a California couple who refurbished a trailer to drive to their destination wedding only to have their car break down and the trailer nearly fall off the road on the way.

The couple, Jessie Caballero and Gus Renaud, left this week from their home in Los Angeles bound for Seattle, where they planned to marry today in a forest with only their officiant and a photographer and videographer present.

The couple, who met on Tinder in 2015, purchased a vintage trailer, which they nicknamed Pierre, in February, according to their blog. Caballero and Renaud, who could not be reached today by ABC News, spent the past months customizing the trailer to drive to their wedding and on their honeymoon.

Three hours into the couple’s trip, the brakes on their SUV stopped working as they were driving down a mountain and they had to eventually tow their SUV and trailer to Nevada, which they documented on Instagram.

Caballero posted on Facebook about the couple’s near-disaster and lamented that the only rental cars available in the area could not tow the trailer. That is when an acquaintance of Caballero’s on Facebook stepped in and created a GoFundMe page to help get the couple, and their trailer, to their wedding.

“On Tuesday night I was about to get in bed and I see this Facebook post from Jessie, that they didn’t know what to do and were beyond themselves,” Nicola Behrman told ABC News. “I just got this sense of, there are people in the world that can help them with this, that there’s no reason they need to be stuck.”

Behrman, a spiritual officiant from Ojai, California, created the GoFundMe page that night and then emailed it to 50 friends asking them to share it on social media. The post traveled from Facebook to Instagram and soon drew the attention of Hollywood stars.

“I woke up and Sophia Bush had shared it,” Behrman said of the actress known for her roles on “One Tree Hill” and “Chicago PD.”

Bush’s tweet on Wednesday put the couple’s story in the spotlight. Soon, other actresses, including Kate Walsh and Constance Zimmer, were sharing the call for help as well.

According to an update from Caballero shared on the GoFundMe page Thursday, Bush reached out to “several car rental and auto companies” and Audi gave the couple a loaner SUV for the remainder of their trip so they could continue to Seattle for their wedding.

The attention also led to donations of more than $3,500 and counting through GoFundMe.

“Not only will this get us to our wedding, but it will get us back home and give us the opportunity to have the honeymoon we originally dreamed of,” Caballero wrote.

The couple plans to be married today in Seattle as planned, according to Behrman.

Behrman is traveling overseas today but plans to meet with Caballero and Renaud, her newfound friends, in Los Angeles when they all return.

“We’re definitely connected,” she said. “Here they wanted to have a private experience and now people from around the world have blessed this marriage and are participating in it.”

She added: “The universe has a real sense of humor.”

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