Couples Renew Wedding Vows in Classic Cars: 'As Long As We Both Shall Cruise'

More than 100 lovebirds put pedal to the metal on lifelong happiness together.

— -- These lovebirds are putting pedal to the metal on lifelong happiness.

More than 100 couples renewed their wedding vows in classic cars this weekend at a drive-in vow renewal event in Detroit, Michigan.

Don and Joan Haag, one of the couples who took part in the celebration, used their late son Dave’s 1966 Chevelle SS to say "I do" all over again.

"She’s wearing the same dress she wore on our wedding day," Don Haag, 63, said at the event. "She looks just as beautiful as the day she first wore it. We brought Dave’s car today so a piece of him could be here with us to celebrate."

This is the second year Hagerty, a classic car insurance agency, hosted the drive-in wedding vow renewal event, which took place at the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit. The participants in the parade of classic cars were given veils and bow ties to make the big day feel as authentic as the original walk down the aisle.

The vows were also creatively car-themed.

"[Will you] cherish each other in breakdowns and joyrides, on routes boring and scenic, through rust and shining chrome, and forsaking all others, be faithful to each other as long as you both shall cruise?” the officiant, Laura Jolly, asked.

Jim and Cheri Hasselle celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary at the event in their 1948 Ford Deluxe.

"My granddaughters and I have been planning on surprising Cheri ever since we saw this event last year at the Dream Cruise," said Jim Hasselle, 67, of Rochester Hills, Michigan. "It’s a secret the whole family and I have been keeping for months."

When each ceremony was over, the "newlyweds" were given license plate-themed cookies that read "JST RNWD" or "CAR LOVE."