5 Cream Cheeses That Went Too Far

Raspberry chipotle cream cheese. Enough said.

— -- Raspberry Chipotle Cream Cheese

Is it really necessary to have that much spice and sweet in the morning? Can’t we just eat a bagel and go?

( Flickr/Litlnemo )

Milk Chocolate

Delicious? Yes. Necessary? We’d say no. Have a doughnut if you have to.

( Kraft )

Birthday Cake Cream Cheese

It’s your party and you can eat insane cream cheese if you want to.

( Cater2me )

Smoked Salmon

In theory this could be tasty, but why not just get real lox instead?

( Kraft )

Brown Sugar Cream Cheese

We think a cinnamon bagel is sweet enough on its own!

( Kraft )