Crocodile Egg Ice Cream a 'Bestseller'

Real croc eggs make this treat "creamier and thicker than normal ice cream."

— -- Fancy yourself an ice-cream connoisseur? Here's one you probably haven't tried: Crocodile egg.

It's the best-selling flavor at the Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream Shop in the Philippines.

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Located in the Davao Crocodile park in Davao city, the shop sells three crocodile egg flavors: Durian, Pandan, and Vanilla. The Durian flavor, a shop representative told ABC News, is the best seller despite the terrible smell of Durian fruit, a fruit native to Davao. "It tastes exactly like the fruit minus the smell," said Bianca Dizon.

The process for making the crocodile egg ice cream, Dizon said, is similar to the process for making any kind of ice cream. "Crocodile eggs contain more yolk than white giving us a better viscosity and texture."

This, Dizon said, makes it creamier and thicker than normal ice cream.