Cronut Creator's Latest Tasty Treat

The creator of the Cronut has come up with a summery pretzel lobster tail.

ByABC News
August 7, 2014, 8:07 AM

-- Dominique Ansel is back! You probably know him as the creator of that little food craze called the Cronut, and now, he’s come up with another fun pastry revealed today on "Good Morning America."

This time, pastry chef Ansel was inspired by summer to create a pretzel lobster tail.

“We were thinking of things that tasted good with butter, and someone joked ‘lobster,’ since it’s summer,” he said. “We immediately thought of the lobster tail and how it was the perfect shape for tearing apart and dipping segments. It’s all about that buttery dipping sauce.”

The buttery dipping sauce he’s referring to is made with honey and browned butter, then whipped to an airy, light perfection.

The warm lobster tail itself is made with soft pretzel stuffed with homemade peanut butter and buttercrunch brittle. It’s rolled and shaped so that it can easily tear apart into bite-sized segments, and then sprinkled liberally with Maldon sea salt.

Ansel designed it to dip into the whipped honey brown butter, intended so that the buttery, nutty, sweet and salty all work together to form a balance of flavors.

The irresistible treat will be available starting Saturday at Ansel’s New York City bakery for $8.