The Cutest Pups at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

So much Fluff.

The pooches are judged based on how closely they meet the traditional standard created by the parent club for their breed, according to the Westminster Kennel Club's official website.

The created standard takes into consideration factors like movement, temperament and physical traits like height and weight, coat and ear shape and placement, the WKC wrote on its site.

But for the average viewer, only one factor matters: cuteness!

Here, we've rounded up the most adorable pups at the show. Who's the cutest? You be the judge!

This little eager Pembroke Welsh corgi

This Irish wolfhound who's totally pooped

This Pomeranian being carried by its human chauffeur

This French bulldog with his widdle, dainty paw in the air

This otter hound in all its fluffy glory

These Boston terriers patiently waiting for treats

This Dogue de Bordeaux who's just over it

This bichon frise who's basically a marshmallow

This long-haired dachshund who's loving its long locks

This golden retriever who's basically a big bunny