Dad gives daughter authentic princess treatment with 'Beauty and the Beast' photo shoot

"It was the cutest thing," said dad Josh Rossi.

— -- It's a tale as old as time: a dad's love for his daughter.

Commercial photographer Josh Rossi wanted to give his daughter special photos she'd cherish forever, so he arranged for the two of them to have an absolutely magical "Beauty and the Beast" photo shoot complete with real castles and authentic costumes.

To give his little girl, Nellee, the true princess treatment, Rossi traveled to Europe to photograph actual castles and landscapes he could use as the scenery for their pictures.

He and his wife even custom ordered her Belle costumes from designer Ella Dynae.

The "Beauty" and "Beast" loved twirling around the dance floor together, although Rossi admitted it made him emotional thinking about his daughter's future.

"It was all these weird, mixed emotions, like she was getting married, but she was still young. But, I imagined her older," the proud papa recalled. "It was the cutest thing."

As for how Rossi will ever top this sentimental photo shoot for her actual wedding, "I've got 20 years to figure it out," he laughed.

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