Design Sponge Founder Grace Bonney’s 4 Tips for Enhancing Your Office Space

Nearly two million readers flock to Design Sponge every day for Bonney’s tips.

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October 07, 2016, 8:39 AM

— -- Grace Bonney, the founder of the popular lifestyle and design blog Design Sponge, appeared live on “Good Morning America” today to discuss her new book and to share tips for how people can spruce up their office space.

Nearly two million readers flock to Design Sponge every day for Bonney’s tips for home, do it yourself, food and travel.

In 2008 she parlayed her blog’s success into a national series of meet-ups for female entrepreneurs, and in her new book -- “In the Company of Women” -- she profiles 100 women from diverse backgrounds to showcase the design of their offices spaces in order to empower readers.

"I’m hoping that every single woman, whether you’re a young girl or at a later stage in life, can open that page and see someone who reflects who you are that inspires you to follow all of your dreams," Bonney said today on "GMA."

The entrepreneurs profiled in Bonney's book include designer Eileen Fisher, artist Maya Lin and hotelier Liz Lambert. She revealed that the book started out as a sticky note on her laptop. The note had the words “bold women” on it along with the names of four or five women whom she found inspirational to her.

"Business and design have always gone hand in hand, primarily because I spent so many years talking about amazingly beautiful things," Bonney said. "But I found the people behind those things and their stories were so much more fascinating and inspiring."

Bonney said she wanted to represent all paths to success, so the book includes stories of older women on their fourth or fifth careers and also includes that of writer and actress Tavi Gevinson, who is 19 years old.

Among the most important things Bonney said she learned from her visits with the book's subjects was to build a support system of women -- and that people don’t have to change themselves in order to be successful.

"I wanted to collect a really diverse collection of those stories in one place so that everyone could go back to it and really kind of find their path to success," she said.

Bonney also shared tips for how people can enhance generic work spaces in order to motivate themselves. Some people need to be surrounded by creativity while others need neatness or organization, she said.

Bonney’s Tips

1. Create an inspiration board using family photos. Bonney said that works for her because she likes to be reminded of who she is, where she comes from and what is important to her.

2. Add a pop of color, which can be a great way to feel energized. For a cubicle, that color can be as easy placing a pillow.

3. Add a planter. Bringing plants into the office can remind workers of the outside world, and caring for them can break up the routine and monotony of the day and possibly inspire fresh ideas.

4. Add a wall pattern. Bonney recommended pinning wallpaper – or even nice gift wrapping paper -- onto the wall of your office space to give it more of a homey feel.

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