Dollar Store Hacks for Last-Minute Holiday Preppers

Are you still shopping for gifts or supplies for the holidays? Don’t panic.

— -- Are you still shopping for gifts or supplies for the holidays? Don’t panic. Believe it or not, much of what you need is at the Dollar Store.

Here are five great hacks to help you without breaking the bank.

Hack 1: Stock up on holiday basics that are often cheaper at the Dollar Store. For entertaining, you can find aluminum roasting pans, serving platters, paper plates and cups. You can also find stocking stuffers such as pencils sets, nail art, rubber balls and little toys. And don’t forget food! The Dollar Store often has dry goods and, occasionally, produce. If you do buy food, just be sure to check expiration dates.

Hack 2: Decorating. Pick about a color scheme and stick to metallics. Designer, Lisa Quinn of Exit Stage Left says you can go really wrong if you choose red, green and all the traditional colors of Christmas. But metallics keep your accents classy and still offer a big pop. I found a Parmesan shaker and filled it with metallic ornaments and then added the bulbs from an LED candle to make a super-cute table decoration. Quinn used the tinfoil burner covers with a few metallic bulbs and some decorative silver cordage to make a centerpiece.

Hack 3: Pinterest is your friend. Search “dollar store holiday” on Pinterest and the time and creativity of others is at your disposal.

Hack 4: Combine a few items for a thematic gift. Mason jar + nail items + polish = Pedicure in a jar; Cupcake tray + socks + decorative red pompoms = sock cupcakes; Doggie treats + collar + dog food = doggie gift basket; Packages of nuts + basket + candy canes = snack stash for colleague.

Hack 5: Combine items you have at home with Dollar Store items. Quinn used an old piece of wood and hammered nails in the shape of a Christmas tree then used green yarn from the dollar store to create a really nice string art piece. I found printable messages with themed ideas like this one “You’ve been the Highlight of my Year” and combined that with a mason jar of highlighters and a gift card as a thank you for the kids’ teachers.

Add your own Dollar Store holiday hacks in the comments below.