Why One Florida Couple Took Their Engagement Photos at Chipotle

Angela Gallo and Manuel Rosario had their first date at the Mexican restaurant.

— -- For one couple, it made perfect sense that they take engagement photos inside Chipotle.

Angela Gallo told ABC News that it was the restaurant where she and her now fiance Manuel Rosario had their first date five years ago. It was also the place where they went to celebrate after Rosario popped the question last October.

Gallo, 22, said it's also her "go-to" when buttering up to her soon-to-be husband.

"Ever since that first date, I’d get Chipotle bags and I’d write on them sweet messages or use napkins and write little cute notes," she said.

So the Orlando, Florida, couple tapped a local photographer and mother of six, Monica Cielo, to stage an engagement photo shoot there. The shoot only lasted a little over an hour and their local Chipotle was accommodating, suggesting the two arrive as soon as the Mexican restaurant opened, when there would be fewer other patrons.

"At first everything was really casual because no one was there, but the more people started to come, they were like, 'What's going on?'" Gallo said. "Everyone in the store thought we were celebrities or something. We're just normal people taking photos at Chipotle."

Gallo said she and Rosario, 24, are thrilled with how the photos came out, especially since they've now gone viral on the Internet.

"I really wanted these pics to be light and kind of funny so we can look back on them and say, 'We were just so silly and in love,'" she said.

The two have already started wedding planning. Gallo said they plan to wed in a local garden in October 2017.

"That would be our sixth year anniversary," she added.