Friends Compete for Fanciest Fast Food Meal

This is a tale of two Big Macs: friends competed to make a fancy fast food meal.

— -- This is a tale of two Big Macs: it was the best of times; it was the worst of times for friends Mark Hayes and Jordan Plener.

Faced one night with insurmountable boredom, the two Canadian men dreamed up a crazy plan that quickly turned into a friendly competition.

“My friend and I love fast food – Big Macs in particular – and we were hanging out one night without much to do and thought, ‘Why not make some fancy Big Macs?’” Hayes told ABC News.

The pair set a few rules: they could only use what already comes in a Big Mac combo (meat, cheese, lettuce, pickles, bun, special sauce, French fries, soda), and they had one hour to finish.

“We actually got pen and paper out, and I took the first 10 minutes to draw a blueprint, so I came up with lots of different ideas,” Hayes, 29, said. “And then the tower came to me. I cut them out with an empty tea light candle and stacked them. It worked out well.”

Plener took a slightly different approach, trying to rearrange the ingredients into another familiar dish.

“You sort of think, ‘What ingredients do I have?’ Potatoes, meat and cheese,” Plener explained of his approach to the challenge. “I thought, ‘What dishes can I make with that?’ and obviously a very simple dish is shepherd’s pie, so I went from there.”

It turned out to be a useful strategy, since his faux-shepherd’s pie came out on top.

“The two of us realized there was no one to deem it a winner, so we went to Reddit and asked the community who won,” Hayes said. “Unfortunately he [Plener] kicked my butt, apparently.”

Hayes, head of communications for Shopify, isn’t letting the internet hate get to him, though.

“Who listens to internet commenters? I still think I won. Mine tasted better,” he said defiantly.

Despite who may or may not have “won” the competition, Plener still thinks it was all in good fun.