5 Fun, Fabulous Fitness Gifts Under $50

For the exercise buff on your holiday list.

— -- intro: Any fitness fanatic will jump for joy when he or she receives one of these fun, fabulous workout toys. And because they’re all under $50, your wallet stays fat through the holidays.

quicklist: 1category: 5 Fun, Fabulous Fitness Gifts Under $50title: Crossropeurl:text:Looking for a gift that’s compact, easy to use and burns a blazing 12 calories per minute? Then a jump rope is the way to go.

This Zip Set by Crossrope has two interchangeable lines that clip into the easy swivel handles. The thinner “speed cable” is ideal for high velocity skipping and double unders. The thicker “agility cable” is suited for workout circuits and fitness training. Cost: $49.95, Crossrope.media:27686891

quicklist: 3category: 5 Fun, Fabulous Fitness Gifts Under $50title: Grid Foam Rollerurl:text: After a hard sweat session, every fitness buff needs a way to work out the kinks. The Grid foam roller provides an extra firm feel to promote blood flow while gently smoothing away muscle aches. Cost: $39.99, Gym Source.media:27687392

quicklist: 4category: 5 Fun, Fabulous Fitness Gifts Under $50title: Xertube Plusurl:text: This Braided Xertube Plus will pump up your fitness lover’s holidays without busting your gift budget.

quicklist: 5category: 5 Fun, Fabulous Fitness Gifts Under $50title: Audio Beanieurl:text:Save your favorite runner the nuisance of sorting out hat and headphones with this all-in-one audio beanie. The headphones are built right into the hat and jack into any standard phone or device. Keeps the head toasty warm, too. Cost: $27.99, Tookshats.media:27687250