Two Giraffes Walk Into a Cornfield…

Two Giraffes Spotted in a South Dakota Cornfield Confuse Drivers

— -- What happens when two giraffes walk into a cornfield?

Passerby’s along highway 14 near Arlington, South Dakota freak out.

The lifelike exotic animals are actually anything but. Rather, “Just a farmer having fun I believe,” Keith King, owner of TractorPal in Volga, South Dakota, wrote to ABC News.

“I pass them every day and finally stopped for a picture today,” he explained of the image making its rounds on Twitter. “I think they went up about two months ago when the corn was tall enough. My daughter actually noticed them first and I thought she was seeing things. When I went by again, I looked and she was right!”

Either a pretty funny practical joke or a brilliant advertising tactic for the farmer, King isn’t quite sure. He does know, however, that the wooden cutouts do tend to fool people, “but then you realize you are in South Dakota,” he quipped.