Little Girl Means Business in Matter-Of-Fact Note to Boy in Her Class

These two fifth graders are seemingly wise beyond their years.

ByEliza Murphy
January 29, 2015, 3:30 PM

— -- This 10-year-old girl means business.

When little Jayden Findley, of Fresno, California, noticed a boy in her class kept looking at her, she simply decided to find out why.

“He’s staring at me all the time so I just want to know,” Findley’s mom, Brandi, told ABC News of her daughter’s explanation for the handwritten note. “I thought it was brave of her to just not worry about it and go get the answer."

The fifth grader penned a short, sweet and to-the-point note asking the boy, “Do you me like me? Yes or no,” even including boxes for him to easily check off the answer.

Little did Jayden know that her classmate was much more complex than being confined to a simple set of boxes. Instead, he provided a remarkably intelligent answer for such a young age.

“I don't know. I don't know myself yet,” he replied. “Plus I'm under a lot of stress at home, so I can't tell. P.S. You don't know yourself until you're 18.”

Jayden brought the note home, casually showed it to her mom and didn’t give it another thought.

“I thought it was cute on both sides,” said Brandi. “That was her attitude about it, so matter-of-fact. And then he came back with what she least expected. She just thought it was just going to be an easy yes or no.”

Brandi posted a picture of the note to her Facebook page thinking her friends would get a kick out of how equally wise these two young children were. And she was right-- The photo has since gone viral with more than 3 million views on Reddit.

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