Girl Writes Note to Tooth Fairy: 'A Few Times You Never Came'

Sevia Falcon told her mom that she's no longer a believer.

— -- The tooth fairy had some explaining to do the night of Feb. 28 after a California girl wrote an impassioned letter to the pixie for not performing her nightly duties.

Erika Falcon, 35, said her daughter, Sevia, 11, penned the note and attached it to a bag containing one of her lost baby teeth--pointing out that the tooth fairy had not showed up to make the swap.

"We thought it was hilarious, but we were embarrassed that we were doing a terrible job as the tooth fairy," Falcon of Fresno, California, told ABC News. "We were very proud that she was standing up for what she thought was fair, even if it was just the tooth fairy. I don't know how common it is for an 11-year-old to believe, but we like how she still has innocence."

Falcon, a mom of two, said she and her husband Eddie must have forgotten to play tooth fairy the last few times Sevia lost a tooth.

This time, Sevia showed her mother a letter that she planned on tucking under her pillow.

It read:

"Hello Tooth Fairy, I want you to please take my tooth in this bag I made please because a few times you never came for a couple days and I had to wait. Also, you took my tooth but didn't give me money."

In an effort to clear the tooth fairy's name in her house, Falcon said she tried switching Sevia's tooth with a $10 bill--a $5 increase from the girl's normal payout.

But Falcon said Sevia woke up, and soon her suspicions about the magic of the tooth fairy were realized.

"She's just a light sleeper and moves around a lot and dad's way better at doing it...sometimes it would be that, or we wouldn't have cash on us," Falcon said, laughing. "She understands now. We talked to her. She didn't talk to me for maybe about an hour and a half. She was upset."

And although Sevia said she no longer believes in the tooth fairy, she told her mother that she's still happy about earning the $10.