Grandma Shares 2-Year-Old's Sweet Rendition of the 'ABCs'

Just wait for little John David, 2, to recite the 'W.'

ByNicole Pelletiere
January 26, 2016, 3:52 PM

— -- One little boy's sweet rendition of the alphabet is taking the Internet by storm after his grandmother shared a video of him singing on Facebook.

"We were so amazed," Pam Sapp of Helena, Alabama, said. "Within the last year, he’s been starting to say a few words like 'mama and dada,' but for him to articulate each letter, that was was amazing to me."

Pam said her grandson John David, 2, has Down syndrome.

Hannah Marlin, 23, told ABC News that she has been taking her son to early intervention and speech programs since he was 6 months old to help him achieve his learning goals.

Marlin said that she had been working with John David for a week on the Alphabet song but Jan. 24 was the very first time she and her mother [Pam] had heard him sing it so clearly.

"He was cracking all of us up," she said. "I'm so proud of him and the fact that he's able to bring awareness to [Down syndrome]."

She continued: "It's definitely something that could give you hope. On the parents' part, just know to keep persevering and don’t give up. They’ll reach their milestones when they're ready."

PHOTO: Hannah Marlin of Helena, Ala. is pictured alongside her son John David, 2, in an undated image.
Hannah Marlin of Helena, Ala. is pictured alongside her son John David, 2, in an undated image.
Courtesy Hannah Marlin

Pam shared a video of the toddler's performance Sunday afternoon, where it has since racked up almost 9 million views on Facebook.

"I think the two elements that have taken on this 'viral-ness' are his joy and that of hope," Sapp said. "People have a perception of Down syndrome, that it's something that will hold them back. He has met such a milestone and it's just amazing to watch. There's so much more that we don’t know that he can do...[John David] has been such a joy to our lives."

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