Happy Police Dog Leaps Into Handler’s Arms After Two Weeks Apart

Dutch the dog cannot control his excitement during the reunion.

— -- Dutch the police dog couldn't control his excitement while being reunited with his dog handler, following a two-week separation.

North Yorkshire Police in Newby Wiske, England captured the heartwarming event on video and posted it to their Facebook page this week.

Police Constable Marc Richardson has been Dutch's handler for about five years, according to a department spokesperson.

"Dutch is a general purpose dog whose skills include searching for suspects and missing people, locating objects dropped or concealed during a criminal incident, following a track left by a person on the ground, chasing and detaining a person who runs away when challenged to stop, disarming violent armed suspects and controlling hostile crowds," the spokesperson wrote to ABC News.

The video shows Richardson's reunion with Dutch as the canine leaps joyfully, right into his arms.

"We’re delighted the video has gone viral and is making people smile across the pond and all around the world," the spokesperson said.