This Harry Potter-Themed Newborn Photo Shoot Is Gryffindorable

"We look forward to being able to read them to our children," said the dad.

— -- I solemnly swear this Harry Potter-themed newborn photo shoot is Gryffindorable.

Jesse and Katherine Oldfield of Eugene, Oregon, love the wizarding books so much that they chose the literary theme for their precious newborn photos of their son, Theodore.

“My wife has an ingenious creative mind, and came up with this the idea alongside our photographer,” Jesse told ABC News of the inspiration for the pictures. “Both my wife and I really enjoy the [Harry Potter] books and movies and we look forward to being able to read them to our children as they grow older.”

Their firstborn son, Sebastian, also stars in the photos sporting the Harry Potter costume alongside his baby brother, who was only 4 days old at the time of the shoot.

It’s safe to say Professor Sprout couldn’t have taught enough herbology classes in the world to prepare this kid for his new Mandrake brother, but it sure did make for a cute photo session.

“The Mandrake is a plant that has roots that resemble a screaming baby when pulled from the dirt, and those screams can be deadly to those who hear it (hence the ear muffs),” Jesse explained. “Babies tend to cry, and they often interrupt the goal of getting a cute picture, though in this case, the crying is what makes the image.”

“Sebastian didn't really want anything to do with his brother or the photos until he got to dress up in costume, at which point we were able to at least get him to sit still for a moment,” the proud dad explained. “The look on his face in the image is completely authentic as he watched his little brother begin to cry out.”

He credits his wife for being the creative genius behind all of these magical ideas.

“If we ever top this photo it will again have very little to do with me, but my wife Katherine is extremely talented and ambitious, especially when it comes to creating art and raising our boys,” Jesse said. “Going viral was never intended nor expected, we simply wanted an adorable photo of our boys to put up on our wall.”