Texas Woman Is Selling Her Housebroken 1,000-Pound Bison on Craigslist

"I just think she deserves better space, bigger grassland," her owner said.

— -- Meet Bullet, a 1,000-pound housebroken bison.

Her owner, Karen Schoeve, of Argyle, Texas, is looking to sell her.

"I just think she deserves better -- better space, bigger grassland," Schoeve told local ABC affiliate WFAA while fighting back tears about the decision. "I just think it's best for her."

Bullet, interestingly enough, loves being indoors.

"When she is hot and sweaty, she'll come in and lay on the couch," Schoeve said. "No, I'm kidding -- kind of. I mean, she comes in the house."

The 8-year-old bison is quite domesticated and ladylike despite her large stature.

"She watches the fish tank for a while,” her owner told the station. “She doesn't mess up a thing, and walks around very neatly like she belongs in the house. She has never gone to the bathroom [in the house], either."

Schoeve is sad to see her sweet Bullet go, but wants her to have more room to roam.

“It’s just time,” she explained.

And Bullet is no stranger to kids. She’s been featured in the children’s book, “The Heaven of Animals” by Nancy Tillman.

Until she finds a new forever home however, Bullet is enjoying her final days with old friends.