Husband, Dad of 5 Gets 'GMA' Makeover

Kristina Barefield jumped at the opportunity to make over her husband, John.

— -- Meet John Barefield.

Less than four years ago, the Kentucky man, 33, was single and childless. Then he met Kristina, a divorcee with five children, and overnight he became a husband and father to her children aged 6 to 16.

Michael Joseph Balsan, 16, said he and his siblings are “grateful” that John married their mother, and John has similar high regard for the children.

“I love each and every one of them just like they were my blood children,” he said. “I’ll always take care of them just like they were my own.”

“You know, I let myself go for the sake of everybody else,” he said.

First, there’s his hair.

“Well, it's very long, straggly and gray ... he's younger than I am, but he looks, like, ten years older than I am,” his wife said, laughing.

Then, there are his clothes.

Usually, he wears either a tank top and jeans or jeans and a T-shirt.

“And, usually, they have holes in them from him wearing them out,” Kristina, 37, said.

Last but not least, there’s his beard.

“The beard, I'll be honest, is just from being lazy,” John said.

Kristina was filled with excitement.

“I can't wait to see him step out of the time machine and .. let the world outside see what we always see from the inside,” she said.

As John emerged from the “GMA” time machine, his anxious wife covered her mouth in shock before running up to her newly transformed, handsome hubby, wrapping her arms around his neck while crying tears of joy.

“I feel wonderful. I really do,” John said, choking back tears of his own. “I feel like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.”

Kristina couldn’t take her eyes off her John and his new, polished wardrobe -- a gray summer suit, purple gingham button-down shirt and fedora hat.

When asked if she was happy with her decision to “push him into that time machine,” her reply was simple: “Yes I am. I really am.”

“He looked fine to me before,” she added, leaning in to give her husband a big hug, “but he’s just amazing.”


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