Husband makes DIY enchanted rose for wife, she responds with 'Star Wars' date night

Zac and Emily Rendell of Ontario, Canada, are the epitome of relationship goals.

The fun-loving couple keeps the romance alive with surprise date nights every month.

“We each take turns. It could be anything,” Zac Rendell, 23, told ABC News. “We have pretty busy work lives so after work we try to make time to do something nice. We try to outdo each other.”

Most recently, Zac made a DIY “Beauty and the Beast” enchanted rose for Emily.

“It’s been one of her favorite movies since she was a kid,” he said. “I was brainstorming a date night and what we could do besides the usual dinner and a movie. I decided I was going to make this for her and that would be my gift for her.”

He found an antique clock in a thrift store, dissembled it, bought a fake rose and added a string of LEDs to illuminate the magical flower.

He also set the table for dinner with a silver candelabra and antique dishes to recreate her favorite movie, making her feel like a real-life Belle.

“I had no idea. Zac kicked me out of the house,” Emily, 23, recalled. “I was thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, what am I going to come back to?’ He had the fireplace in the background on the TV crackling and he had music on. I was blown away.”

Not be outdone, Emily then returned the kind gesture with an elaborate “Star Wars”-themed date night for her husband, she said.

“I went to the dollar store and got fairly inexpensive things. Making all the signs took the longest because creativity takes a long time,” said Emily.

When Zac returned home for his surprise, Emily met him at the door with a miniature lightsaber.

“I’m standing there just awestruck reading this story she creatively wrote for me on the stairs,” he recalled. “She called us the Rendells instead of the rebels. I made my way up the stairs and saw the big setup there with the Millennium Falcon and the lights.”

Their movie snacks included “princess” Lays potato chips, Obi-Wan cannoli and Yoda soda.

The couple said their favorite wedding advice was to “never stop dating.”

“We got married pretty young because when you know it’s the right person, you know,” said Zac. “Something we always got told was, ‘Never stop dating. Never stop going out and dressing up for the other person. Never lose that.’ It was important for us to make a habit of that and continue to do that once we began our lives together.”

So far, they’re nailing it.

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