London Dad Draws Creative Post-it Notes for Daughter's Lunchbox

Rob Biddulph has drawn more than 600 notes for his daughter, Poppy.

— -- One dad in London has amassed a fan club at his daughter's school, thanks to the creative Post-it notes he leaves in her lunchbox.

Rob Biddulph said he started drawing little notes for his youngest daughter Poppy when she first enrolled in elementary school.

"I put a picture in her lunchbox to kind of cheer her up," Biddulph added. "I did that for the first day, and when I came home, she said, 'What are you going to draw for me tomorrow, Daddy?'"

Biddulph, 43, said that was three years ago, and he has now drawn more than 600 Post-it notes for his daughter.

He also draws classic "Looney Tunes" characters such as Tweety Bird, Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny. It takes him only about 10 minutes to create the sketches.

Biddulph said it's often hard to decide what to draw the next day, so he uses themes. Last year his theme was drawing Disney films in chronological order. This year he's going from A to Z, by characters' names.

His favorite was a sketch of Darth Vader with the words "I am your father."

Biddulph said that thanks to his drawings, he now has student and teacher fans at his daughter's school.

"It's added pressure," he admitted. "I feel like I have to do a really good drawing now instead of quickly sketching something out."

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