Make-Up Artist’s Whimsical Lip Art Was ‘Stress Reliever’ While Fighting Brain Tumor

“I spent most of my days focused on art for happiness," said Jazmina Daniel.

— -- Jazmina Daniel is more than just a pretty face.

Sure, the whimsical, elaborate, ornate lip art designs she creates are astounding, but the reason she began using her face as a canvas is even more inspirational.

“In 2006 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which forced me to leave school,” Daniel, 24, of Sydney, Australia, wrote to ABC News. “I spent most of my days inside and focused on art for happiness. From canvases I began working on my own face, which then led to doing a few makeup courses during the time I was unwell and working then as a makeup artist.

“After that I became unwell again and had to have surgery to remove my tumor, and it was shortly after that I started to get creative with my lips instead of just glamour makeup,” she added. “Lip art brings me happiness. I find joy in it and it definitely is an amazing stress reliever.”

Daniel’s more complex lip art designs can take hours to complete, often needing to re-do them multiple times until she’s happy with the final product.

“It can be very frustrating at times and I do feel like just throwing the idea out but I persist and keep trying until I get it,” she explained. “I think any artist is the same way. They like to keep trying and get it close to perfect or until they are happy with it.”

The designs range in rainbows of colors, to glitter ombre to even focusing on a specific movie character or scene.

“I can’t even pick a favorite design. They are all special to me as they all represent something I love and I just hope that the joy and happiness that it brings me, brings the same to anyone else that sees them,” Daniel said.