Man builds glamorous bedroom for 'spoiled' dog

Michael McGowan was worried about his dog Molly once his wife got pregnant.

— -- One Scottish man knew that he and his wife had a situation on their hands once they found out they were expecting their first child together.

They were already been parents to a 3-year-old West Highland White Terrier named Molly.

"We weren’t really sure how she would be with a baby because she had been our spoiled little baby up to that point," Michael McGowan told ABC News.

So he enlisted the help of builder Paul McArdle to create a glamorous bedroom for Molly under his staircase, complete with a crush velvet couch, mood lighting, shag rug and plenty of toys to entertain her. And if there was any confusion, a sign hangs on the bedroom that reads, "Molly's Room."

McGowan, 33, said he did most of the handy work over the span of a week, spending about $400. Still, he tapped McArdle to create the door frame and put electricity in the room for Molly's lamps and mood lighting.

Molly's new nook worked like a charm. McGowan, who lives with his wife of nine years outside of Glasgow, Scotland, said when they welcomed their first child, Catelyn, last October, Molly was a great big sister.

"It couldn't have gone any better," he gushed. "Honestly, Molly has been great with her. She's very gentle. She's still a young dog, so she wants to play with everybody...but with the baby she's very, very gentle. She'll just sniff at her feet."

McGowan added, "So the space has really helped, I think."