Man Seeking Mystery Couple He Captured in Stunning Sunset Photo at Yosemite

The Hawaii tourist who captured the shot hopes to get in touch with the couple.

Michael Karas, 31, snapped the gorgeous shot last Thursday while touring the park on vacation, he told ABC News today.

"A friend and I hiked up there to get a nice shot of the sunset and, coincidentally, right in the direction we were going to shoot, was a couple in a tuxedo and wedding dress on the ledge," Karas said. "I just started snapping like crazy. The colors were phenomenal that night."

The couple, who Karas thought were newlyweds, appeared to be doing a shoot with their own photographer, he said.

"I tried to make it over to where they were to share my photos with them, but by the time I got there, they were already gone," he said.

He said he hoped social media users could help connect him with the couple.

"I'd love to share my photos with them," he said. "I never saw their photographer come around to where we were to snap the photos I got from my angle, so I know they don't have a shot like this. I would love for them to have it."