Man Shares Touching Reason Why He Mails Christmas Cards to Queen Elizabeth

Andrew Simes has mailed a Christmas card to the Queen since 2012.

— -- A man's inspirational story behind his annual Christmas card to Queen Elizabeth is taking the internet by storm.

"I learned a lot of things from [my grandfather] and I always saw him writing to the queen around Christmas," Andrew Simes of Izmir, Turkey told ABC News. "As you can see, my grandfather still makes history after his passing."

The 33-year-old's inspirational act is based on his effort to keep is grandfather's memory alive.

Simes was born in London, but raised in Turkey--a short distance that allowed the family to continue its family tradition.

"The way we were raised, we kept true to tradition and our admiration for the royal family," he said. "Our family had written to the royal family sand it was a tradition that had died down. Christmas cards aren't as popular too."

Since his grandfather Alfred Simes was a child, Simes said he wrote to the British monarch.

"I was told at the retirement home that his last word was that he called out for me," Simes said. "My grandfather was the most amazing and special person. I never had a bedtime story read to me as a kid. Grandpa would come over and tell me stories of the war, how he met presidents, popes--those were my bedtime stories. When he passed I wanted to hold onto this and pass onto my future kids."

To honor his grandpa, Simes said he took over his annual custom of wishing the queen a 'Merry Christmas' in 2012.

On Dec. 9., he shared the history behind his family custom with the world in a Facebook post.