McDonald's Trying 60-Second Drive Thru Guarantee

McDonald’s is guaranteeing drive thru food in 60 seconds at Florida restaurants.

— -- McDonald’s is taking the “fast” part of fast food very seriously with its new, 60-second lunch guarantee.

Diners in Florida-area McDonald’s restaurants can order drive thru at lunchtime, with the guarantee that they will get their food within 60 seconds.

“The customer gets a 60-second hourglass sand timer when they pay for their order at the payment window. If they don’t receive their food by the time the 60-seconds is over, they are given a ‘Be Our Guest’ coupon for a free sandwich on a future visit,” McDonald’s spokeswoman Lisa McComb told ABC News in an email. “The 60-second guarantee promotion supports our priority of providing an enjoyable lunch experience for customers in Florida.”

The promotion would make drive-thru wait times as much as two minutes shorter than the industry-wide average. According to a 2013 study by QSR magazine, the industry-wide average is 181 seconds, or a little more than three minutes, which includes time waiting to order until you receive the food.

The offer is limited to all Florida franchisees and company-owned McDonald’s restaurants with drive thrus, but that’s approximately 800 restaurants, according to McComb.

The promotion is running through the end of September, except in Miami-area restaurants, which will end the fun on August 29, and they all limit it to between noon and 1 p.m. on Monday through Friday.

“The employees are having a lot of fun with this limited-time promotion, and the customers are enjoying it, too,” McComb said.

Unfortunately, there are no national plans to bring this promotion to other McDonald’s.

“It’s a limited-time promotion that the Florida region restaurants decided to initiate,” McComb said. “There’s nothing in the works at the national level at this time.”

If you’re really determined to get this at a McDonald’s near you, though, you could always petition your local franchisee.

“They are independent business owners and are free to do what is best for their businesses and their customers, including promotions such as this,” McComb said.

Do we smell a petition?