Meet Willow, the World's Cutest Halloween Costume-Wearer

The daughter of Gina Lee, a photographer from California, loves dressing up.

— -- Just when you thought you had this year’s Halloween costume contest all locked up, this sassy 3-year-old comes along.

Meet Willow, the world’s cutest costume-wearer -- ever.

This Little Girl’s Costume Collection is Too Freaking Cute

She’s the adorable daughter of Gina Lee, a photographer from Redlands, California, who absolutely loves Halloween and uses the festive month of October as the perfect excuse for her viral hashtag, #DressUpWillowMonth.

Willow adores her dress-up playtime, also. She and her mom incorporate Willow’s closest friends and family, like Cooper, her best buddy, and Christopher, her daddy, in on all the fun.

“I collaborated with Cooper’s mom on some of the costumes,” Lee said. “It's a fun thing to do with a friend.”

With costumes this cute, it’s a wonder how Lee comes up with all the funky ideas.

The tiny toddler hasn’t decided what she’ll be for this year's Halloween yet, though we know whatever she chooses will be fabulous.

“We are not sure yet. So many to choose from,” Lee said. “Probably Super Willow! With so many costumes, how will she ever choose? Right?”

Most of the costumes are homemade, too.

“We do a lot of DIY,” Lee explained. “The glue gun is our friend. And felt is awesome and cheap. Some pieces we do buy, but try not to spend a lot. We love the dollar store and spray paint.”

Take a look at her finest creations this year, and click here to see her costumes from years past.