Misterkrisp Turns Rice Krispies Into Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift

A childhood treat rendered in ways you've never imagined.

— -- A ubiquitous snack staple from your childhood is getting a makeover that's decidedly outside the cereal box.

"This dude is amazing!" commented one of the more than 12,000 followers of the @mister_krisp Instagram feed.

Little did that person know, the creative mind behind Misterkrisp is actually a woman.

"I made my first Rice Krispies treat cheeseburger in December 2012," said Jessica Siskin, who launched the social media presence for her sweet startup a year later.

Despite her sometimes complicated inspiration, Siskin's creations don't stray very far from the ingredients of the traditional recipe: Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, butter, and food coloring to craft the base for each Misterkrisp sculpture.

But why Rice Krispies and not papier mache or clay?

"I've always loved sculpture," said Siskin. "So the process of building different designs is challenging and exciting. The mixture hardens very quickly so I have to work fast, and the recipe takes color so well."

The artist told ABC News that the most challenging creation she has made to date has been a a bottle of Jack Daniels rendered for a friend's birthday. But that hasn't stopped her from taking on other 3-dimensional images or complicated tributes.

Siskin said she has no formal plans to expand into other mediums.

"Occasionally I will dabble in other cereals but Rice Krispies are unmatched in their versatility," she said.

As the Misterkrisp website is still in development, commissions can only be placed via e-mail at orders@misterkrisp.com. But surely, it won't be long before hungry celebrities have Siskin on speed dial.