Mom Blogger Takes First Photo-Friendly White House Tour

Denise Albert shares her experience on the 1st White House tour to allow photos.

— -- Denise Albert, the co-founder of and the host of SiriusXM's "The MOMS with Denise & Melissa," was one of the visitors on the first White House tour in more than 40 years to allow photography (Cue the selfies!). Albert shares her experience taking the tour today as a proud mom of two.

Though I'm not with my kids today, today is one of my proudest days as a mom. What I did today is an accomplishment I am most proud of as a working mom. Being invited to the White House as just one of 40 people to take part in the first tour since changing their policy banning photography inside is something I can proudly share with my kids.

We entered through the Southeast Gate and were presented with a personalized invite and video from the first lady announcing the change and ripping up the sign that says, “No Photos or Social Media Allowed." I had a chance to take a photo and rip up the sign.

We were then greeted by the first dogs, Bo and Sunny, and without thinking I ran over to Bo. For me, this was significant since I’m scared of dogs. But perhaps, with the Secret Service just steps away, I felt OK. I managed to sneak a photo for my kids before the dogs were walked away.

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Schafer told me how important this change is and that it’s been in the works for over six years. She said the President and first lady wanted to make the White House more accessible for kids and families to experience and learn.

For me, the learning will also continue. I’m sitting on the train home, Googling everything I saw so I can truly teach my kids a little bit of history. Today, my boys will be reminded of the rewards of hard work.