Mom Poses Cardboard Cutout of Son Around Nashville While He Studies Abroad

“[I] opened it up and couldn't stop laughing!!” Susan Talley recalled.

— -- While the kid’s away, the mom will play!

Or at least that’s how it works in the Talley household.

When Susan Talley’s son, Dalton, was leaving to study abroad in London this semester, he gave his mom a surprise.

“I just thought sending my mom a life-size cutout of myself would give my family a laugh,” Dalton, 22, wrote to ABC News in an email of his clever gift. “I didn't tell her I was sending it and included a note that just said ‘You're welcome’ in it. I had no idea she'd do anything at all with it. I thought it would just lean against the corner in the living room giving the occasional chuckle but I guess I forgot how funny my mom is.”

He definitely underestimated his mother.

“[I] opened it up and couldn't stop laughing!!,” Susan, of Nolensville, Tennessee, recalled. “Once I saw how realistic it was, I knew we had to have some fun with it so I told the family he was going everywhere I go. I haven't ventured to church with him yet though. Not sure how some people may like that.”

The cardboard cutout of Dalton has been just about everywhere else, though.

From being on hot dates with Barbie…

To hitting up the honky-tonks in downtown Nashville…

And getting squeaky clean in the shower…

To being tucked in at bedtime…

The family has been busy chronicling the journeys of the "sub" -- as the family loving refers to the cardboard cutout -- on Facebook.

Apparently the family is no stranger to jokes, so this is just another day in the life of the Talleys until the real Dalton returns home on May 10.

“We are definitely a joking family in a more casual way, but my mom cleverly saw this cutout as a great comedic prop and seems to have successfully entertained a lot of people with it,” said Dalton.

The funny photos have gotten nearly 900,000 views on Reddit in just one day.