Mom Screams, Runs Away When Surprised by Soldier Son

Cheri Hancock had not seen her son in nearly five years.

June 28, 2016, 2:39 PM

— -- A Utah mom had no idea what to do when she saw her soldier son for the first time in nearly five years, so she screamed and ran away.

The priceless reaction was captured on video last Friday when U.S. Army Specialist Kyle Kracht waited for his mom, Cheri Hancock, at her West Jordan, Utah, home.

Hancock was at church and had no idea her son had flown in from El Paso, Texas, where he is based. When Hancock heard her son’s voice and saw him walking towards her, she lost control.

“I was sitting in the kitchen and said, ‘Hey mom,’” Kracht told ABC News. “And then she started running away.”

Kracht, 28, last saw his mom when he enlisted in the Army. Due to his training schedule and other obstacles, the two had only communicated via text and phone messages, as well as Skype.

When Kracht’s grandparents said they had extra airline miles they wanted him to use for a plane ticket home, he jumped at the opportunity.

“Finally I got a chance and I took it,” he said.

Kracht was picked up at the airport by his stepdad, Dale Hancock, who helped coordinate the surprise with his in-laws and recorded the encounter for them too.

“His grandma and grandpa called and said, ‘This is what we’re doing. Can you pick him up and can you record it?’” Hancock told ABC News.

Kracht spent the weekend with his mom and was being driven by her to the airport when ABC News spoke with him today.

“We mostly spent the time sitting in the car talking and driving around reminiscing,” he said. “I got to see the house I grew up and the school I went to.”

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