Mom's Random Act of Kindness to Delivery Men and Women Inspires Others

Lisa Gwin left a goodie basket outside for her delivery men and women.

— -- One Louisiana woman has inspired thousands online with the way she decided to thank those delivering holiday gifts this season.

"He was doing a great job as he was delivering the packages, making sure he was handing me the packages," the mother of two told ABC News. "I had appreciated it because I had Christmas presents that would've been sitting outside.

"He was going above and beyond from what I'm used to, so I wanted to find a way to show appreciation," Gwin continued.

The Alexandria, Louisiana, woman said that after brainstorming with friends on Facebook, she decided to create a gift basket filled with goodies to delight delivery men and women who come to her door.

"I said, 'Why don't I do it for all of them and bless them at the same time?'" Gwin, 35, recalled.

So that's what she did. Gwin filled a basket with bottles of water, snacks and candy.

She then posted a sign that read in part, "Please take some goodies to enjoy while on your route! Thank you so much for making holiday shopping easier!" The graphic designer said that it only took approximately $20 to create.

Gwin said that when her favorite delivery man returned later that week, she knew he enjoyed the gesture.

"I heard him laughing so I knew he had seen it. He, of course, rang the doorbell and he said he wished he had his camera so he can take a picture,'" she recalled.

After posting her random act of kindness on Facebook, a photo of the basket quickly went viral. Nearly 200,000 liked the photo.

In an update on Facebook, Gwin wrote that she discovered that the delivery man "is seasonal help and is working to get hired full-time. I've put in a good word for him, so hopefully he'll continue to be blessed!"