Neglected Dog Without a Nose Dies in Missouri

Harry the chow chow died just two months after his rescue.

— -- Harry the abused shelter dog without a nose has died, just two months after being rescued in Kansas City, Missouri.

He was about 4 years old, and had been treated for several ailments.

"On Thursday [of last week], he came in … having difficulty eating," Tori Fugate of KC Pet Project told ABC News today. "He had a giant tumor on his tongue and we considered it inoperable. … We would've had to remove the whole tongue and that would've significantly decreased his quality of life.

"He was doing OK for a while, then couldn't stand on his own. We euthanized him at the shelter [Wednesday], surrounded by his foster family and KC shelter staff."

Harry, a rescue dog believed to be around 4 years old, arrived at the shelter June 21 after being found chained in a backyard, without food or water, and in poor condition, ABC News reported at the time.

As for his nose, Fugate said the pup could have accidentally hurt himself or it could have happened as a result of abuse.

"He was severely matted. It was of the worst cases we've ever seen," Fugate said. "There had been a couple of complaints filed against the owner that the dog was not being cared for.”

Days after his rescue, the KC Pet Project transformed Harry by shaving his knotted fur that weighed over five pounds, Fugate said.

He had also been treated for eye damage associated with scratched corneas and was enjoying the comforts of his new foster home.

"He loved laying on the couch just right until the end," Fugate said. "He loved that family and they just loved him back. It was real touching to see. He probably never knew love like that in his entire life."

Fugate added that any donations made to Harry through the KC Pet Project are being matched by the Roadrunner Fund to support the cost to care for abused, sick or critically injured pets in the Kansas City area.

She said the dog's story has helped raise awareness for countless other animals at the shelter.