Newborn girl shares same birthday as dad and great-grandfather

One birthday gives this family three reasons to celebrate.

— -- One birthday on April 4 gives this family three reasons to celebrate after their newborn girl was born on the same day as her father and great-grandfather.

"I was really excited," said dad Devon Pierce. I just couldn't ask for anything better than that. It's the best birthday present."

Ameika Pierce of Stockton Springs, Maine, was born on April 4, 2017 -- the same day as her dad, Devon, 26 and his grandfather, David Pierce, 85.

Devon Pierce told ABC News that he's always celebrated his birthday with his grandfather, David. The pair even share birthday cakes, he said.

Ameika's mom, Lambeth, 28, was given a due date of April 1, but the family hoped the baby would arrive three days later, which she did at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor at 11:03 p.m, weighing 7 pounds.

Ameika's great-grandfather, David Pierce of Hancock, Maine, told ABC News that he is very happy to be sharing his birthday with his great-grandchild.

"I feel like it is continuing the family name," he said. "It's just a very pleasant experience, one that I never expected really. I think she's [Ameika] wonderful. She's a precious little jewel."

Ameika’s parents look forward to telling her the birthday story as she grows, they said.

"I hope she loves it just like her dad," Lambeth said. "Ever since I've known Devon and we've been together on his birthday, he always made sure he had to see his papa and I hope she feels the same way about her dad and grandfather as well."