Nurse Searches for Birth Mom Who Had Her in Hospital Where She Now Works

"I'd like to fill her in on what's happened in my life," she said.

— -- An Iowa woman is hoping to track down her mother who gave her up for adoption after giving birth to her in the hospital where the woman now works as a nurse.

"A reason why I'd like to meet her is to hear her story," Megan Hejlik, 30, of Sheffield, Iowa, told ABC News today. "Also, I'd like to fill her in on what's happened in my life. I got married, I had two boys."

On April 8, Megan posted a photo of herself onto Facebook holding up a poster titled: "Help me find my birth family."

The remainder of the poster read: "Born April 28, 1985 at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Mason City, Iowa. My mom was approximately 16 years old. She named me Vanessa. Contact me:"

Megan said her parents Jack and Cheryl Enoo adopted her shortly after she was born.

She's always been aware that she was adopted as a baby, but it was on her 30th birthday that got her thinking about her birth mother, she said.

"One of my goals was to look for my family history just to kind of find out more about myself," Megan said. "I turned to online search with no luck and then I decided to do a poster."

Megan had her oldest son Ethan, 10, snap a photo of her with the poster that listed the little information she knows about her mom.

The next day, the post had been shared over 1,000 times on Facebook. As of today, it's been shared over 8,800 times.

While no one has come forward claiming they are her mother, Megan said she's received a few messages from people who believe they may know who the woman is.

"I can't imagine being 15, 16 and having a baby," Megan said of her mother. "I think she did the best thing for me, giving be a better chance at life through adoption. I just want to let her know that there's no hard feelings. I think it's great what she did, honestly."

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