NYC Marathon Couple Finds Mystery Woman Who Captured Their 'Perfect' Engagement Photo

The couple says the photo is "fantastic."

— -- The power of social media has given one couple the happy ending they wanted.

A newly-engaged couple was able to track down the woman who took the photo of their engagement, after their quest to find their "perfect" photo went viral.

"How I wish I had asked the girl for her picture. She has the perfect picture of our engagement," Katie wrote on her Facebook page.

ABC News reported about Duarte and Mascenik's quest to find their "perfect" engagement photo on Tuesday, and on Wednesday evening, the bride-to-be heard back from Val Ferrara, the mystery woman.

According to Mascenik, Ferrara was at the race supporting her friends, and just happened to be standing close to Mascenik when Duarte ran over to pop the question.

Mascenik said that Ferrara took about 10 photos of the proposal as well as a video, and she was more than happy to send them over to the couple.

"I think they turned out fantastic and I’m just so happy that we have them now," said Mascenik.