A Onesie Revelation for a Messy Situation

Those strange looking flaps on baby onesies are there for a good reason.

— -- A veteran mom who has handled her share of badly fouled onesies felt compelled to share her belated realization that the onesie design allows them to be be pulled down towards the feet and don't have to be pulled over the head.

The key to the discovery by Mama Undone at Tiaras & Prozac were the two flaps on the front of the onesies between the shoulders and the chest. They are not weird mini lapels. They allow you to get a grip on the onesie and pull it down off the shoulders.

“You need to strip baby and hose them down,” Mama Undone wrote in her blog. “You fear things couldn't possibly get any worse until you try to get the vest over their head… cue poo being moved up over their chest, shoulders and in their hair.”

In the video, Mama Undone is able to pull the onesie downward off baby while filming one-handed.

“Ten years I've been a Mum, ten years,” she wrote. “Not once in these ten years did I question why baby vests have envelope shoulders.”