Owner's Heartbreaking Letter Inspires Elderly Dog's Adoption After Living 5 Years in Shelter

Roofus, a 10-year-old Weimaraner-mix, was adopted Saturday.

— -- A dog who spent more than five years in a Florida shelter has been adopted thanks to a heartfelt letter written by his previous owners.

Roofus, a 10-year-old Weimaraner-mix, was first surrendered to the Bishop Animal Shelter in Bradenton, Florida, in October 2010. He was adopted twice, only to be returned to the shelter both times.

Then, sometime after the New Year, shelter employee Samantha Dominis and her fellow staffers came across the fateful letter, which was written by Roofus' original owners.

The undated note read:

My name is Roofus. My family loves me very much but they have fallen on hard times. My daddy lost his job a year ago and can’t find a new one. My mommy tells me they have to downsize to a smaller apartment and can’t afford to keep me. I will miss my two-legged siblings so much. They keep crying and hugging me, begging mommy and daddy not to take me back to the shelter. I remember being at the shelter before. Your staff is very kind and nothing compares to a family. My family is very sad to give me back to Bishop but they know you’ll find me a new family that will love me just as much. They’re including my bed and favorite toys. Please find me a good home.



"Everyone teared up," Dominis said. "We couldn’t believe it. It showed he was previously very loved.... I personally felt like we had failed him, because the letter said 'they know you'll find me a family' and we hadn’t found him a good home yet."

In hopes it would help Roofus' chances for adoption, Dominis said she placed Roofus' letter in a press release, and it soon aired on a local news station.

One day later, this past Saturday, Roofus was brought home by a loving family.

"We call him a little gentleman," Dominis said. "He’s very mellow and laid back. He's older, so he doesn’t have that puppy energy, but we always said he’d be perfect to lay by somebody's feet."