Pennsylvania Mom Gets Style Ambush Live on ‘GMA’

Patty Roberts had no idea she was going to be transformed on live TV.

— -- Patty Roberts gave birth to her daughter, Elle, two months ago and has since felt as though she lost her style swag.

“She needed a little something,” her sister explained. “She let herself go a little bit, so we wanted to do something.”

The 29-year-old woman appeared on “GMA” and received a makeover – but she had no idea that it was going to happen. Roberts, a second-grade teacher from Bangor, Pennsylvania, was told she was coming onto the show for a segment about mothers.

The makeover was performed by Frankie Grande and Rachel Smith – the co-hosts of Amazon’s “Style Code Live” – throughout the show. Smith is also a correspondent for “GMA.”

Roberts’ transformation was then revealed to her mother and sister, who were on hand to see her new look, and husband Nate, who was stuck in traffic but Skyped in to see his wife’s amazing transformation.

“Wow, my hair!” Roberts said in shock after seeing her completed look in the mirror. “I love it. I love the outfit, I love my makeup, my eyes, wow. I feel good.”

Today is Patty and Nate’s anniversary.

“I think she looks awesome. So beautiful,” her husband said from the car.

Grande explained he cut a bit of length off her hair “to get rid of those dead ends.”

And as for makeup?

“We just added a pop of color to her lips. That made her come alive,” he added.

Smith outfitted her in a sleek orange dress with “a bit of ruching to nip and tuck and conceal.”

“Style Code” is live-streamed on Amazon on weekdays at 9 p.m. ET.